EaseUs Data Recovery – Best Data Recovery Software

EaseUs Data Recovery – Best Data Recovery Software

EaseUs Data Recovery software is the best software among different recovery software. Also, EaseUs Data Recovery is used to recover the data from Memory Card, USB Drives, Hard Drives, and other storage devices. There are many conditions in which you can recover the deleted data through EaseUS Data Recovery. In this article, we are going to discuss each and every condition from which we can recover data.

Accidentally Deleted Files

When you are trying to clean Windows 10 or other Windows to clean then you might face a problem of accidentally deleting a file. In this case, you may not find recycle bin to recover the data. The best way here to use EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard. Moreover, you just need to download EaseUs Data Recovery free and start working on recovering the important data.

How to Recover formatted files and Folders

Formatted data were present in any format you don’t know the type of the format. It erases the data from the hard drive, USB drive, any storage device permanently. But in any case, EaseUs provides the facility to recover the data from the USB even data is permanent formatted.

Is it Possible to recover data from Deleted Recycle Bin files?

This questions is in the mind of many Windows 10 users who usually do Shift + delete to delete an image, file, or folder. So, the data automatically delete from the Recycle Bin too.

EaseUs provide you the feature to recover such data easily from any folder even in Recycle Bin. Moreover, you may try different options to recover, for example, reset Windows 10 and do more.

Virus Attack Recover

This is a common problem when you don’t have any best antivirus software then you have to suffer from this problem. Your PC may cause problems due to virus attack, therefore, it is necessary to protect your Windows.

In this case, your window’s data may sometimes be deleted and unable to recover. EaseUs provides you the facility to find the data from any folder that has been attacked by a virus.

Hard Disk/Drive is Permanently Corrupted

On the other hand, Yes, it is true, sometimes you try to make your hard drive external and it drops down and after this, it won’t work. In this case, EaseUs Data Recovery Software helps you to recover the data in easy ways.

How much Data EaseUs Data Recovery provides to recover?

A EaseUs Data Recovery provides you the two modes of data recovery:

  1. Quick Scan
  2. Deep Scan

Quick Scan

Quick and Deep scan has a difference of algorithms. A quick scan has a simple algorithm and quickly searches for files and folders to recover the data.

Deep Scan

It scans all the data in the hard drive sector by sector.

What are the advantages of Using EaseUs Data Recovery?

EaseUs Data Recovery Software is free to download and has the ability to work effectively. Furthermore, you don’t need to write complicated commands. You just need to select the hard drive, folder, or something from where you want to recover the data.

  • You can Easily recover all the formatted data from the hard drive.

Which formats EaseUs Data Recovery Software supported?

Different files and folders have different formats. For example, MS Word, MS Excel, Video formation, Audio formatted files and folders, and many other graphics folders.

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista and Windows XP operating system works perfectly with the EaseUs Recovery data.