Best Targeting Tips For Google Ads To Optimize Cost Per Click

With 75% as the average conversion rate, Google Ads is an advertising tool that many businesses can take advantage of. SEO itself is becoming more and more important every single day because more businesses are deciding to join the online world and there are more businesses created every day.

But on the other hand, not knowing Google Adds well, not knowing how it functions  and strategies are best for your business, this platform might cost you more money than it will bring back. Therefore, you should either hire a professional to build you a proper strategy or learn more about Google Ads.

If you like learning new things by yourself, you can optimize audience targeting with Cleverecommerce that will offer you really valuable insights. But if you are interested in gathering even more knowledge about SEO and Google Ads targeting, then go ahead and check out these tips below.

Location Targeting For Local Businesses

If you want to successfully target an audience on Google Ads, Location Targeting is one of the easiest ways to go. Of course, it needs to be done right. Like everything else. The first moment where most of the businesses are making a mistake is choosing the default settings for Location Targeting. 

And there is another mistake that many businesses tend to make. They make a huge mistake by thinking that Location Targeting works only for local businesses, the ones that are more convenient to shop physically than online, for example, a paint store. 

Actually, Location Targeting works for all businesses but it can be even more beneficial for physical local stores like this one. You can use combined keywords, taking one like “wall paint” and adding a location “New York”. Or you could just target a specific radius around the physical store that is in a convenient driving distance.

Location Targeting For Online Businesses

Now we are going to explain in more detail how you can use Location Targeting if you run an online business and are not sure how to take advantage of this option. What you need to start doing is creating very specific ads for very specific people. For example, if you have a print on demand t-shirt business that ships worldwide, you can create a specified ad with an offer for people living only in one region. Here you will have to get creative. You could take a national holiday and make themed shirts for it.

Depending on the type of business that you are running, you can come up with lots of different ideas. Think about specific areas that gather people with similar ideas and interests and come up with ads designed exactly for those people. 

When creating these types of ads, you should never forget to edit the setting of your campaign, otherwise, it will not work. To do so, go to the Setting tab, click on Locations, and select a location that you want to target. You can enter the name of the location or click on the Advanced settings that will show you a map. Here you can choose a location radius for your ad. If you want to target several locations with one ad, it is best to create separate campaigns for that. 

Remarket Your Audiences

Marketing specialists have always seen remarketing as a very important part of a strategy. And it makes sense. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of the audience that has already shown some type of interest in your brand? With this audience, you already know that they are interested in your product or service, they are familiar with it, and they already know your brand, so you do not need to put in extra work to introduce them.

It is not only smart to use remarketing because of the audience that is familiar with your brand but it is also known that statistically remarketing costs less on Google Ads if you have chosen cost per click strategy. And it is also very helpful in increasing conversions on Google Ads which is probably one of your main goals.

What you should always notice when looking through your remarketing campaign insights are the website visitors who not only visit the homepage of your website but are also interested in exploring it a little bit more and spending more time on your online store. Therefore there is always a higher chance to sell your product or service to a potential customer that has already shown an interest in your brand.