Call of duty Mobile How to Play on PC with Mouse and Keyboard

When it comes to today’s games, numerous games made a mark in the minds of teenagers for their mind-boggling graphics and controls. The teens love playing games that get them on their nerves and take them across a rollercoaster ride. One such game is Call Of Duty. This warfare game is a massive success among gaming lovers as they cannot shy away from fulfilling the most exciting missions with the best available weapons around the world. Call of duty is one game that gives that momentary power and responsibility to the serious gamers that they crave. 

Call of duty mobile is prevalent among the youngsters, but they wish to make the gaming experience more comfortable. Here they look for a chance to ensure Call Of duty Mobile For PC gaming. 

Consequently, is it possible to play the mobile game on a PC with a mouse and keyboard? Yes, it is! However, be aware that once you start playing the game with a mouse and keyboard, operating it via a touch screen of some smartphone will feel uncomfortable. 

One of the less prevalent possibilities is to connect the phone through some OTG cable that connects with the mouse and keyboard. Even Bluetooth connection can become an option to connect the keyboard and mouse to your phone via Bluetooth and play the game. Such a procedure is full of hassles and close to impossible.

Here you have a simpler and a much more efficient option. You need to download a particular software that will facilitate the playing of Call Of Duty through mouse and keyboard. Let us know about the particular software and the procedure we can use to play Call Of Duty.

Software And Procedure To Play Call Of Duty Mobile

The name of the software that you need for playing Call Of Duty Mobile is Game Loop. Game Loop is an android emulator that allows you to play Call Of Duty mobile on your computer. Start the procedure by downloading Game Loop Emulator on your Windows computer. Once the download appears to be successful, follow the below-mentioned steps to ensure the completion of the playing ground;

  • Once you download Game Loop successfully, open it and search for Call Of Duty Mobile.
  • Once you find the game, find the option to download the game. Click on the option showing “Install” for a successful installation.
  • Following the installation, a window will appear asking the geographic location you belong from. Look out for your continent among the list of continents provided, and once found, select it. Select the game’s international version if you do not find your continent. Here you need to go through another installation procedure as the international version is different. 
  • In all probability, Gameloop will close once the installation procedure begins. Do not worry about losing the game, as you can reopen the application and go to the section that reads “My Games”. You will get the option to download Call Of Duty all over again. 
  • Once the installation completes, the game will open with the “Play now” option. Click on “Play Now” and find an update going on. 
  • Once the update is over, you will see the various keyboard and mouse options associated with playing the game. Let us have a look at the main controls;
  1. Moving forward- W
  2. Moving backwards- S
  3. Moving to the left- A
  4. Moving to the right- D
  5. Reloading your weapon- A
  6. Aiming your weapon for a shoot- Right-click on the mouse and hold.
  7. Shoot the enemy- Left click on the mouse. 

Once you know the particular controls related to the gaming activities, you will find it more efficient to play. Adjusting on the keyboard is easier than on an on-screen control system.

Other Android emulators like Nox player and BlueStacks allow you to play Call of duty mobile through mouse and keyboard just like Gameloop does. Find the emulators on Google Play and install the same to facilitate the game’s running. 

Now that you know about the process, what are you waiting for? Download the game and start enjoying it in the best way possible with utmost efficiency.