Escape Rooms in Edmonton: A Fascinating Pastime in the Modern World

Escape games are exciting entertainment for a group of friends, colleagues, and the whole family. The organizers create unique programs aimed at developing teamwork skills and team spirit. Through interesting tasks and puzzles, members of the company of players get the opportunity to master the features of teamwork. By activating logical thinking and intuition, you have to emerge victorious from the escape room in Edmonton.

Escape Hour Games: Choose One According to Your Interests

The choice of rooms is quite wide, so be sure that you will find the one that suits you the most. The most popular are the next Escape Hour games:

  1. Five Lives;
  2. Bank Heist;
  3. Matrix Theme;
  4. 5 Elements;
  5. Senator`s Battle, etc.

Five Lives

If you want to experience something new, exciting, and original, then Five Lives is the place to be. This is an action game in which you have to solve all kinds of puzzles and perform sports activities.

Bank Heist

This game provides for the development of a clear, consistent plan of action to deal with robbers. The team of players must be ready to provide an effective solution to the problem.

Matrix Theme

The main goal of this game is to save humanity, get out of the Matrix, and return to reality.

5 Elements

Do you want to save the planet from impending evil? Then collect 5 elements and activate them in the right way.

Senator`s Battle

If you like to compete, choose Senator`s Battle. Two teams must perform tasks while competing with each other. 

Features of Escape Rooms Organization

Escape rooms are organized in such a way that participants need to:

  • Look for clues;
  • Find solutions to complex logic problems and puzzles;
  • Quickly navigate the situation and correctly distribute forces in the team to obtain the maximum result.

As a result of passing escape games, participants get a new life experience and an updated look at familiar things. Try it for yourself and notice the positive changes!