Cosmetic brand management. What you need to know?


The competition in the skincare industry is fierce. Applying cosmetics branding can help your beauty brand to stand out from the crowd. But, you have to do it the right way. In order to be successful, you need to take your creative chance, capture your ideal client’s attention and show them that your product is the one they need. What is the best way to do it, you might ask? By making use of branding. Developing a sustainable strategy is your way to go forward in order to beat the solid competition on today’s beauty market. 

But how exactly do you do that?

Let’s begin first by going into details about what cosmetic brand management means.

What is cosmetic brand management?

In marketing terminology, brand management is defined as a series of methods applied to increase the assumed value of a specific product or service.

Using effective brand management techniques, you can build your most loyal customers and also have a positive impact on your business development. Furthermore, strategic brand management techniques benefit your brand recognition, boost your revenue and help you achieve your long-term brand goals.

Why is it important to consciously manage your brand?

In today’s world, the consumer’s opinion is a subject to constant change. You must be prepared to impose influence over your customers and make them choose your brand. As a matter of fact, whether a business fails or succeeds is mainly dependent on whether they have successfully marketed their brand or not.  

First things you need to do

Before we dive into how to market your cosmetics company, we need to first cover the basics of branding. When talking about the strategy that you need to undertake in branding your business, we are going to explore 3 basic concepts that need to be understood. They are known as the “3 B’s” – brand, branding and brand identity. 

It is really important to be able to distinguish those three terms.

  • Your brand is the view of the world on your company.
  • Your branding is you trying to shape your unique perspective of your product and applying techniques in order to bring you brand to life
  • Your brand identity is your company’s portrayal to your customers and the image that it creates in their minds. This includes your brand designs, your company logo and website and the quality of your packaging

All of the “3 B’s” must be present in your marketing strategy. Without consistently utilizing your brand strategy, you will not have control over your brand. If you don’t have a brand identity, you won’t be able to move forward on your journey. If you want to shoot your brand to the moon, you have to constantly work on improving your “3 B’s”. 

Before you initiate the branding process, you must answer the following three questions:

Define who you are

It is important to know who you are as a brand, before you start to send out a message to your customers. If you have to explain your brand in three words, what would those words be? Maybe you are green, eco-friendly and using new active ingredients for your products? Or maybe you are targeting a feminine group that favours bright and creative new looks?

Whatever the type of beauty brand that you are trying to build is, you have to be able to bring its description down to a few adjectives. This will help you simplify your processes and provide you with an edge on guiding your branding decisions. 

Who are your competitors?

New skincare brands are emerging everyday. As mentioned, competition is fierce in today’s cosmetics world. If you want your brand to stand out, you need to find out why will your products stand out from the current ones.

Examine your competitors. What strategies are they implementing in order for their brands to be successful – how are they making a mark in the industry? Finding out what is unique and different about your products will give you a competitive advantage. It is what will make your ideal customers choose you over your competitors. 

What is your mission, vision and values?

You need to have a clear mission statement. It is basically answering what is the idea behind your business? Why are you doing all of this? An example would be raising the attention of your customer’s on current environmental issues.

Next you have to determine what your corporate values are. This is what drives your internal strategy and will further lead to establishing connection externally with your customers. An example would be to present the use of organic products as part of your corporate values in order to convey to your customers that you are sustainable and safe to use. 

How to be successful?

There are a number of different mediums that you can make use of in order to promote your brand. Make sure that you are active about your marketing process and constantly invoke changes.

Be active on social media

Presenting a creative story and keeping your customers engaged is of vital importance. Make sure that you make posts and stories everyday in order to constantly exist in your customer’s mind.

Track your progress

Track the data that you can get from your website and social media profiles. Analyze it and see what your customers would like to know about. Tailor your content according to their interests.

Sell not only a product but also emotion and experience

Do not constantly display your sale’s messages and images of your products to your customers. Provide them with for example useful facts about how they can improve their skincare routine. 

Always strive for improvement

Never get satisfied with the average growth of your beauty brand. Always undertake improvements to your brand management in order to be able to reach the stars.