How to improve your office’s workspace

Your office’s workspace is often an overlooked factor when it comes to productivity and your employee’s mood. If you have found that work efficiency is dropping, it could be time for some changes in your workspace. These changes include lighting, heating, noise, and clutter. Following through this article will give you a number of tips on improving your offices workspace. 


Lighting plays a large part in keeping someone motivated and elevating their mood. Whilst also giving them the ability to see their work. 

Natural light

The best kind of light that you can have in your office workspace is natural lighting. This is due to human brains responding best to natural light. Having blinds over your windows will allow you to be able to reduce the light levels if it is too bright or there is glare on computer screens. 


You will also want to make sure that the electronic lights in your workspace have good lightbulbs in them. LED bulbs are highly recommended as they produce a good amount of light. They also produce the same amount of light as their CFL and incandescent counterparts whilst using less energy. Meaning that it will cost you less money to power your lights as well as providing great lighting for your employees.  


Temperature control is a very important aspect of managing your office workspace. A temperature that is either too high or too low will affect your employees. 

Temperature control

Temperature control is one of the most difficult aspects of managing an office workspace. This is due to different people wanting to work at different temperatures, especially when it comes to wintertime. The recommended temperature of an office is anywhere between 16 – 24 degrees Celsius. To manage your temperature well it may be best to invest in a smart thermostat. This way you get a digital display of what the temperature is and can also set up schedules throughout the year all on your smartphone. 

Heating system

If you find that you are constantly having trouble with your offices heating it may be down to the central heating system. Often boilers in offices are older and inefficient, which will cause issues with your heating system. This can be fixed by replacing your office’s boiler, which can seem like a large upfront cost but is worth it in the long run. When it comes to boiler replacement you will want to make sure that you use a gas safe registered engineer or company for installation. This way you will remain fully covered with your boilers warranty. 


Reducing clutter will both help to make your employees work more efficiently and can also help employees feel like they have more room of their own. 

Desk clutter 

Reducing desk clutter is something that you can do for 10 minutes at the start or end of each day. Or, alternatively, whenever you have a spare 10 minutes. Putting this forward to your employees may make them feel more comfortable and like they are not wasting time organising their desk. Giving a desk a wipe down if need be, filing away any paperwork that needs filing and cleaning up any other general clutter. This way your employees will have a nice clean and organised workspace.   

Draw clutter

Draws are often overlooked when it comes to decluttering. However, it is very important to make sure that your employees also keep their draws organised. Having organised draws mean that your employees have places to put paperwork and other items from their desk.


Noise pollution is something that can really affect a business and the productivity of employees. So doing all you can to mitigate the effects of this noise pollution is a major plus side to improving your office’s workspace.  

Outside office noise

There are ways that you can suppress noise from outside the office. If you have a licence to play the radio in the office, then playing a radio can help to tune out background noise. Before you turn on a radio however make sure that your employees are happy with this. If in summertime running fans can also help to reduce background noise with their low humming. However, some people can find this distracting. 

Desk personalisation  

Finally, desk personalisation. Giving your employees the freedom to be able to personalise their desk can really improve their morale and often their motivation. Allowing things like photographs, little mementoes and anything that will not take up too much space. Making sure that there is still a good amount of space on their desk is very important. This way there is still adequate room for your employees to work and have their personal items. 

Those are five tips that can help to improve your office’s workspace. Make sure that you carry on improving as much as you can to make it a better place for both you and your employees.