How to Install and Download Themes in Windows 10 (With Video)

Windows 10 was released in mid-2015. Microsoft had focused a lot on the Desktop themes, Windows 10 features and also give maximum Security in Windows 10. Furthermore, when you install Windows 10, there are a lot of by default themes in Windows 10. Also, you can apply these themes easily. Today, we will discuss how to Install and Download Themes in Windows 10. We also have a Video Tutorial to install Windows 10 themes in many ways.

On the other hand, you can also install and download the custom themes in Windows 10. Moreover, Windows 10 wonderful themes give your PC a professional look and make your Windows more fun to use. Likewise, Windows 10 custom themes are much better than Windows 7 themes. Because Microsoft has released a lot of updates in Windows 10 on daily basis. Also, latest updates and continuous working on Windows 10, it has more updated themes to Install and Download Themes in Windows 10.

How to Download Custom Themes in Windows 10?

To download Windows 10 themes, you may have two options:

  1. Download from Microsoft Store.
  2. Windows 10 themes also available on Micosoft site.

Microsoft has released many themes on its official site. Furthermore, you can download themes for Windows 10 . On the other hand, Microsoft has featured in Windows 10, that is, Windows 10 store. Here is the way to download Windows 10 themes.

  • Go to Desktop > Right-click to open “Personalize”.
  • On the left side, Select themes.
  • Click on Get more themes in the Store.
  • Download the Theme to your Hard drive.

Install and Download themes in Windows 10


From the Store, you can download themes of your own Choice. Now apply the Windows 10 theme.

Install and Download Themes in Windows 10

As shown above, We have downloaded the Windows 10 themes. Follow the step to Install and apply the Windows 1o themes.

  • Go to that Folder (Where you downloaded Windows 10 theme).
  • Double-Click on theme > Now open “Personalize”.
  • On the left side, Select themes > Click on the downloaded theme.
  • Enjoy! Windows 10 theme.

Install and Download themes in Windows 10


In the first Image, I have downloaded the Windows 10 themes in my Download folder. On the other hand, Click on Theme to apply in Windows 10.

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How to do Advanced Settings in Windows 10 themes?

First, Search for “Themes” in Cortana (Taskbar) or the PC settings. When you Install and Download themes in Windows 10, Desktop icon settings and mouse pointer settings may change.

  • On the Theme Windows (Shown in an image).
  • Click on Sounds and Desktop Icon Settings.
  • Also, change the Mouse Pointer Settings.

From here, you can change back any sounds your theme changed to your liking or turn off sounds in Windows 10 completely.

Install and Download themes in Windows 10


In the above Image, Click on Desktop Icon Settings. Similarly, adjust the Desktop Settings according to your Windows 10 requirement.

At last, What have we Concluded about Windows 10 themes?

Today, We discussed how to Install and Download themes in Windows 10. Installing Windows 10 is easy to do. Moreover, If you want to change the way to use Windows 10, change the theme is the best option. Just Take a time, choose the best Theme, Install it and change the Windows 10 look.

How is your experience with Windows 10 themes? Have you had any issues? Do you like Windows 10 themes. Which theme of Windows 10 are you missing? Please let us know your Views and suggestion in the comments!

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