What Is SMB Backup And What Are Its Benefits?

What Is SMB Backup And What Are Its Benefits

What Is SMB Backup And What Are Its Benefits?

What comes to mind when you hear SMB Backup? It is a familiar term that you have probably come across either through a mention in a newsroom by an anchor or when reading entrepreneurship magazines.

SMB stands for small and midsize business. Simplicity and small size characterize them concerning the assets. Something that most people forget to mention, however, is that by virtue of its small size, it does have unique IT requirements and also faces different challenges from those of large ventures. It is significantly contributed by the fact that these enterprises have constraints on staff and finances.

The approach taken on SMB backup is entirely different. It is not all about the rush to get a MySQL cloud backup. SMB backup is all about tailor-made backup solutions that are meant to meet the needs of a particular backup environment. In simple terms, it is a cost-effective way of getting data management services, precisely backup, at an affordable price for efficiency in ensuring business continuity.

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Statistics show that the amount of data lost in enterprises have had an increase of 400 percent over the years. It shows that it is increasingly becoming a challenging task for businesses to protect data: which is why you need to employ SMB backup.

Why do you need SMB backup?

  1. Safety of client data

SMB backup ensures that all confidential data belonging to your clients are safe. It also prevents the data from falling into the wrong hands. Infringing client confidentiality could cost your business a lot. Even, the reputation of your company may end up being ruined.

With such a plan, you do not have to worry about tarnishing your image, as your data will be safe and restrained.

  1. Man is to error

When you are pointing fingers at natural calamities and system failure, it is also important to note that an undeliberate mistake from one of your employees could make you end up losing data. Training alone may not be enough to curb such occurrences.

Investing in backup solutions will shield you from such disasters. The same employees may also compromise data: which is why it is essential to have it backed up to be safe.

  1. Cyber attacks

Statistics by Statista show that the losses caused by cybercrime by 2017 were over 119 million U.S dollars globally. Do not be a victim. Cyber-crimes continue to increase, and the criminals are always on the lookout of the businesses that do not have their data protected.

SMB backup can lessen your vulnerability to such blows.

  1. Natural disasters

Natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes or floods are among the most notorious causes of loss of data. Such risks are uncontrollable, and since there is only much you can do about them, it is better that you take precaution.

What SMB backup will do is ensure that your data untouched. Also, it will look to it that your business activities not halted by providing effective and prompt recovery of data.

  1. System failure

Another culprit behind most of the data-loss cases is a system failure. It is not a new phenomenon. Machines, hardware and other systems malfunction every other day. Do not allow yourself to get catch up in such a mess.

Investing in the backup will save you the frustration of having to deal with raging clients whose financial statements you cannot provide. Implementing SMB backup will account for all that peril.

Regardless of the size of an enterprise, data will always be a sensitive factor; it is vital to ensure that the data is shielded.