Why Playing Games Help Us Relax?

Games are all around us, whether online or physical. Most individuals play games for leisure or pleasure, and occasionally as an escape from their daily routine. However, most people do not discern the pros of playing games. 

In this article, we discuss how playing games help one relax after a long day, read on.  

Provides an Escape 

As you solve block puzzle, you effortlessly and unintentionally achieve a state of mindfulness, popularly known as ‘being in the zone.’ Because most games include a series of small, achievable tasks, they are perfect for achieving this state. 

While playing, you focus on the present; instead of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Consequently, your stress levels reduce significantly, helping you relax. This way, you gain fresh energy to tackle another day. 

Gives a Break from Life’s Challenges 

Games provide small, attainable tasks that give us a sense of satisfaction once accomplished. That can be a source of quick respite for those leading demanding lives, whether as employees or as students. 

Notably, that may be part of the reason why more than 60 percent of top company executives take breaks from their busy schedules to play games, including golf and other classic online games such as solitaire. 

Stimulates Release Of The ‘Happy Hormone’

Pleasurable activities such as eating sweet items, exercise, and spending time with loved ones stimulate dopamine release – colloquially known as the happiness hormone. 

We need positive in our lives to happen to trigger the release of this hormone. However, that becomes quite a challenge due to circumstances, cost, and social anxiety. Low dopamine levels cause one to lack motivation, interact poorly with others, or perform poorly at work. 

Studies show that playing block games also triggers dopamine release, making them the most easily accessible and cost-effective way to brighten your day. When played in moderation, block games help us recharge so that we can face the real world. 

Creates a Social Environment 

Humans are social beings with the fundamental need to interact and feel connected to others. Games provide a playground for like-minded individuals to interact, whether through competition or trading items. 

The anonymity provided by playing online makes it possible for introverts to meet new people. Stories have been told of individuals who met on gaming platforms and became buddies, even without meeting. Sharing such intimate moments and, more so, one’s challenges helps one relax.  

Tap’s Into One’s Creativity 

Another fundamental human need is the ability to express creativity. Unfortunately, finding platforms to express one’s imagination can be challenging. That said, games – particularly puzzle games – demand that you tap into your creative side to solve the task at hand. 


So much has been said about games – particularly online games – with most of it being negative. Luckily, with lots of research, most of these ideologies have been demystified. Playing games has proven to have lots of benefits, including helping one relax. 

This simple activity triggers the release of the ‘happy hormone’ while providing an escape from daily routine and challenges. Plus, it creates a platform for like-minded individuals to interact, share ideas, and even form worthy relations.