Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working 2019 – Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working After Update

Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working 2018 - Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working After Update

Is your Windows 10 taskbar not working properly? Or you are facing unclickable taskbar windows 10? We have already discussed taskbar in Windows 10 features that how taskbar ease the Operating System for users. Last Year, we have seen that Tips to Make More Space Available on the Windows 7 TaskbarSimilarly, we are going to solve the problem of Windows 10 taskbar not working 2019. Also, this issue is a question with different topics for example:

1: Windows 10 taskbar and start menu not working

2: Windows 10 start menu not working after creators update

Before moving to an actual solution to this problem. We like to tell our users about the key problem of taskbar not working in Windows 10. Let’s see the reasons for Windows 10 taskbar menu not working after an update.

Why Windows 10 start button and taskbar not working?

We will try to cover the Start Button topic discussion in next article, now we are going to write the reasons for taskbar problems in Windows:

  1. When you Update Windows 10, some features don’t update properly and pause in the mid. That’s why Windows 10 start button and taskbar not working.
  2. If you think you didn’t update Windows 10. Then, the issue is with your outdated updates and drivers.

Note: If you are facing the problem of updating Windows 10, we recommend to see this to if Windows 10 Update Stuck.

My Best Methods to Fix Windows 10 taskbar not responding

#1: Restart Windows Explorer in Windows 10 in Single Click

Here are the few steps that need to follow:

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc from Keyboard.
  • Task Manager will open.
  • Find Windows Explorer.
  • Click on Windows Explorer then Click on End Process.
  • In this way, Windows Explorer will restart all the processes and fix the issue of windows 10 start menu and taskbar not working.

#2: Disable Windows 10 Updates and Restart Windows Now

Yes, sometimes, Windows 10 updates do unfair and install updates that do not meet the System requirements. If your Windows 10 is updated and you think everything works fine instead of the taskbar. We recommend to Stop or disable Updating Windows 10 and Restart Your Windows 10. Go through the above link and disable the update in Windows 10. Here are also the few steps to pause update for few days:

  • Go to Start Menu > Type “Settings”.
  • Click on Update & Security in Settings.
  • Click on Advanced Options in Update Settings.
  • Turn on the toggle button of a Pause option.
  • Updates will pause at least for 35 days which is fine.
  • Restart Your PC and get away with Windows 10 taskbar not working 2019.

Note: If you want to Permanent disable the Updates in Windows 10 go for the link the above paragraph of this point to Windows 10 taskbar frozen.

#3: How to Fix unclickable taskbar windows 10

Sometimes, you can see the taskbar but you can not click on items present on the taskbar.

If you are looking for an easy process and have to and want to solve this permanent just remove Windows 10 apps. Stop! before doing this you and we know it takes too much time to remove all the apps. And if you remove the Microsoft Windows 10 account, then there are maximum chances of losing all the apps once.

Fix Window 10 taskbar menu not Working Using Command Prompt

Using a command prompt sounds good and first thing came to mind that we just have to write one or two lines of commands and solve the windows 10 taskbar not working after update issue. Yes, you are thinking right, here are the commands you have to copy from here and paste and get away from windows 10 taskbar not working 2019.

  1. Open the Command Prompt as Administrator. It means that go to start menu type CMD and right-click on it and open as Admin.

Get-AppxPackage | Remove-AppxPackage
Get-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online | Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage -online

Just after entering this Command on Command prompt you just need to restart your PC.

Conclusion about Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working

We have explained and extracted different ways to overcome taskbar doesn’t work windows 10 and unclickable taskbar windows 10. For any query, you may don’t need to hesitate and ask us in the Comment Section.