Windows 7 Libraries not Working How to Remove Libraries From Windows 7

Windows 7 Libraries not Working How to Remove Libraries From Windows 7

Windows 7 Libraries not Working How to Remove Libraries From Windows 7

It is safe to say that you are confronting the issue of windows 7 libraries missing in sorting out your information appropriately in Windows 7. Don’t sweat it, Windows 7 libraries help their users to give the method for holding information and get away from windows libraries no longer working. Moreover, You can arrange your pictures, recordings, documentations, Music and all other individual information utilizing this unusual element of window 7. Many times windows 7 libraries not working properly and Windows 7 libraries users got many problems. Furthermore, If you are Windows 7 user and don’t like Windows 7 libraries then you can remove libraries from Windows 7.

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During working with Windows 7 Libraries, we face many problems. For example, Windows 7 libraries not working, windows 7 libraries missing, windows libraries no longer working, remove libraries from Windows 7.

Windows 7 Libraries missing? Windows 7 libraries not working, remove libraries from Windows 7

When you open Windows Explorer from your taskbar, the primary window you will see is a Windows 7 libraries. Furthermore, We can see that there are four default Windows 7 libraries. Each default Windows 7 libraries contains two organizers. One in the client’s profile folder and the other in the Public profile folder. Also, These are My Music and Public Music. For example, you can undoubtedly deal with your documents, organizers, and individual information. Also, It is sorted as you can keep up your recordings, pictures, and reports independently. In the end, we will also discuss how to fix windows libraries no longer working.

  • Documents(Windows 7 Libraries not Working How to Remove Libraries From Windows 7)
  • Music
  • Pictures
  • Videos

Windows 7 Libraries not Working How to Remove Libraries From Windows 7

How Windows 7 libraries different from folders? Windows 7 libraries not working

  • A folder is a compartment for storing or maintaining the documents or files.
  • A Library doesn’t contain data. Furthermore, Windows 7 Libraries (windows 7 libraries not working) give a solitary collected perspective of various folders and their substance.

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Windows 7 libraries missing and How document library work in Windows 7?

When you open the Documents, you’ll see some applications install folders in the My Documents. Software like Net Beans, Visual Studio, etc. Installation of some software on your operating system(windows 7 libraries not working). On the other hand some folders are automatically installed in Documents library which contains the project files.

.Windows 7 Libraries not Working How to Remove Libraries From Windows 7

Here you can see, some applications are installed on my PC, and by default, the document of implementation is created in this folder.

Music Library (documents.library-ms is no longer working windows 8

When you install Windows 7 operating system, some music files are by default present in Music. These are for the Convenience of users.
On the other hand, You can share the Music library with particular people and with Homegroup by creating Homegroup in Windows 7.

Windows 7 Libraries not Working How to Remove Libraries From Windows 7

Pictures Library (Windows 7 Libraries)

“My Pictures” is likewise the default Windows 7 libraries like others and it helps the users for maintaining the data correctly. It is the best place to store your images in Windows 7. Also, you can share your pictures with Homegroup and other people just as you share Music library. Furthermore, Make different folders with day and date of your choice to get a proper arrangement of your personal data. Also, you can change windows 7 libraries location. It will make you easy to find out the data accurately.

Videos Library (Windows 7 Libraries)

It is one of the fourth default Windows 7 Libraries. Windows 7 has a predetermined video like recently it was of wildlife video. Like others Windows 7 libraries, it additionally contains two folders.

  • My Videos
  • Public Videos

These are helpful for sorting out your recordings appropriately for individual and public utilities.

Windows 7 Libraries not Working How to Remove Libraries From Windows 7

How to Remove Libraries from windows 7? (If Windows 7 libraries not working)

First of all, we will discuss in detail about how to remove libraries from Windows 7. Also, it will help in windows 7 remove libraries. Follow the steps to remove libraries from Windows 7:

  • Go to Start >  Type Run.
  • Enter Regedit in Run.
  • It will enter the Windows Registry.


  • Find the above key by expanding the left side.
  • Change the Attribute value from 0 to 1 or 1 to 0(depending on your Windows registry).
  • Right-click on “ShellFolder” key and select “Permissions“.
  • Click OK to apply changes.

How to Create new Windows 7 Libraries? (Windows 7 libraries location)

Yes, Windows 7 provides its users for creating the new Windows 7 libraries of their choices. Moreover, you can change the Windows 7 libraries location. For example, you can make another library by taking after these steps;

  1. Go to Windows Explorer
  2. Right click on Libraries
  3. Go to New, click on library.


Windows 7 Libraries not Working How to Remove Libraries From Windows 7

What have we concluded about Windows 7 libraries not working? (Windows 7 libraries missing)

We almost Understand the main idea about why windows libraries no longer working? which is essential for everybody. Moreover, We can order our pictures archives and so forth using libraries.On the other hand, I advise personally to use this feature. On the other hand, Are you using this feature? Let us know about your experience of using libraries in Windows 7. Leave a comment on your interest in using this feature.

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