How to Find Wi-Fi Password of your windows 7? [Video Included]

Wi-Fi password of your windows 7

Are you facing a problem of finding the Wi-Fi password of your windows 7? Don’t worry; we are here to provide an exact solution. Microsoft is a genius about its security performance and provides maximum security for their users, and of course, any company can get progress only if they make their customer happy and fulfill their needs.

Before going to the solution, let’s talk about the security of  Wi-Fi password of your Windows 7. Whenever you connect to new Wi-Fi network, of course, you have to enter Wi-Fi password, and it will automatically save if you click yes on its terms and conditions, it will help you in future when Wi-Fi network with same username and password is available you can connect without typing the password again. Let’s see how to find Wi-Fi password of your windows 7 when you log into an individual network.

Step 1 of Wi-Fi Password of your Windows 7:

Go to the right bottom page of your windows, click on Wi-Fi Button where you will see available Wi-Fi networks for finding the Wi-Fi password of your Windows 7.

Wi-Fi password of your windows 7

Step 2 Display the Password:

Right Click on that system on which you are currently connected,

  • Click on properties.
  • A new Window Will Appear.
  • Click on Checkbox, here you will see the Wi-Fi password your windows 7 that is Connected to Network. Enjoy!

Do you want to know the other properties we missed? Let’s talk about those resources which we ignore during the procedure of finding the Wi-Fi password of Windows 7.

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What were the other functionalities include in the search for Wi-Fi Password of your windows 7?

When you right click on network, you will see:

  • Disconnect: You can disconnect with your Current Network (if you want to connect with any other network).
  • Status: It includes signal quality, Speed of the network connected, a state of your network, even if you see any problem in your network you can diagnose, it will tell the exact problem of your system.

When you open the Properties, You will see the Security Type and Encryption Type:

Security Type: There are different kinds of security type like WPA2-Personal, WPA-Personal, etc.
Encryption Type: TKIP and AES, it depends on your network, but TKIP is deprecated and no longer considered secure, sometimes for the security of the Wi-Fi password.

Connection button is also on the top of Properties window; here you can do more with your currently connected network:

  • Network Name
  • System Availability
  • System Type

On below you see three checkboxes,

Wi-Fi password of your windows 7

  1. In the first check box, you can check it if you want, when this network again available it will automatically connect with your Windows 7 and uncheck if you do not want this.
  2. Check this box only if you want to connect with the more preferred network rather than this (if available).
  3. Similarly in the third checkbox, if you want to connect with such network which is not broadcasting its name.
Here Again, What we have Concluded?

We discussed that how easily we can find the Wi-Fi password of your Windows 7 and other properties includes in all over this process. We conclude it is easy to know the Wi-Fi password of your Windows 7 and suggest the users that do not connect with the networks which are not broadcasting its name. Use in a proper way is the only way to secure you.

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