3 Different ways to Record Screen in Windows 10

3 Different ways for Windows 10 Screen Recorder

3 Different ways for Windows 10 Screen Recorder

Screen recording is used by many Windows users, bloggers, YouTubers and designers. There are many advantages and different ways to record screen in Windows 10. Windows 10 is widely used Operating System in the World Now. Because of its widely used operating system, Microsoft has released many new updates in Windows 10. As a result, there are many features of Windows 10. We have already discussed in details about the feature of Windows 10. For example, in which Cortana Assistant, 3D paint and Xbox are top in a trend which are facilitating the users more. Therefore, we are going to discuss here 5 different ways to record Screen in Windows 10. Windows 10 Screen Recorder, is necessary for specific users who work with youtube and else.

On the other, these users make a solution of any Windows problems and record the screen and then upload the content on the internet. Moreover, they found it difficult to get the results for Windows 10 Screen Recorder. Also, Windows 10 has the capability to capture the Screenshot of any Windows 10 screen and send the screenshot as an image file too. This was talking about capturing the Screenshot not How to capture video clips in Windows 10. To Capture the Video Clips in Windows 10, there are some other software or tools which help in Windows 10 Screen Recorder.

In the past, we have a write on an amazing technology in which we mentioned about a Multi-touch feature in Windows 7. Have you ever imagined that how Multi-touch work in Windows 7? Yes, in that article, we told the way to enable or disable this multi-touch. Similarly, the reason for talking here because Screen recording in Windows 10 will also do easily without any.

Windows 10 Screen Recorder without any Software

In this way, you can record the screen without any tool or online software. It is built-in software through which you can do Windows 10 Screen Recorder.

  • Press Window Logo + G from Keyboard.
  • Now you will see the toast-bar on the screen which you have to tick on the checkbox that yes this is a game.
  • Once you tick on this checkbox, you will get the option to record the screen.

3 Different ways for Windows 10 Screen Recorder

Features of Windows 10 Screen Recorder: (3 Different ways to Record Screen in Windows 10)

There are few features which are provided by Windows 10 Screen Recorder:

  • You can use the Xbox in these options while recording the Screen in Windows 10 or capture clips in Windows 10.
  • On the other hand, you can capture the Screenshot of Desktop.
  • There are a settings options also where you can do different settings relate to the game etc.

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How to do Screen Record in Windows 10 using Software?

Have you ever heard the tool which is name as Camtasia? yes, Camtasia is an offline software which helps to record, capture and even edit the recorded video. Moreover, you can do combine different parts of the recorded video in Windows 10. In the background, you can adjust music behind video according to your choice.

Here are the proper steps to record the Video Using Camtasia:

  1. First of all, you have to download the Camtasia from here and after installation of Camtasia. You have to go to start menu or Cortana assistant type Camtasia, here it does not matter which version of Camtasia you have downloaded using any version. Moreover, you can record the Windows 10 recorder screen recorder.
    These are the steps you need to follow more:
    Click on the new project once that Camtasia has opened it will take few seconds to open Camtasia.

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  1. Here is the Option of the top left corner of records click on this and adjust the screen according to you, means which part of Screen you want to capture by Dragging. Now click on record and it will start recording your Windows 10 desktop or at the anywhere in Windows. Whatever, the video you want recording at this point is an easy way to do Windows 10 Screen Recorder Camtasia is a reliable and easy software.

How to do Screen Recorder in Windows 10 Using OBS Studio

It is a project of OBS and easy way to do screen recording in Windows 10. As well as, you capture video clips in Windows 10 in a single click. OBS Studio is an open source free program or tool which helps in Windows 10 Screen Recorder.

What have we Concluded About Windows 10 Screen Recorder?

In this article, we have mentioned three different ways to do Screen Recording in Windows 10.

  1. Without any Software using Windows 10 feature.
  2. Camstasia tool.
  3. OBS free open source tool to capture video clips in Windows 10.

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