How to Download And Install KMSpico 2019

How to Download And Install KMSpico 2018

KMSpico is another Windows activation software that helps in activating Windows 10 permanently. In our last article, we have mentioned how to download and install Microsoft Toolkit free. Microsoft Toolkit is also like KMSpico that helps in the activations of Microsoft Products free. It is one of the best Windows activation and office activation tool. Using this, you don’t need to Buy Windows 10 Product key. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail that how to download KMSpico free for activating any product of Windows.

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What are the Advantages of KMSpico

We know that there are many Windows 10,8, or 7 users don’t know the proper use and advantages of using this KMSpico. Let discuss the benefits of Using KMSpico as mention below:

  1. You can Activate Windows Office Tools or Products.
  2. Also, you can activate Microsoft Windows of any versions using KMSpico.
  3. There are many versions of Windows 10; you can activate any version of Windows 10.
  4. As you don’t need How do I Find My Windows 10 Product Key.
  5. You just need to disable Antivirus software while installing the KMSpico.
  6. KMSpico is not a big software that can load on your PC.
  7. It is lightweight and comfortable to download with minimum size.
  8. Helps you to activate office 2010 KMSpico.
  9. Office 2010 is the new feature in Windows KMSpico in the latest version.

How to Download KMSpico Windows 10

Let me clear one thing that you can direct download the KMSpico, but we made an easy way for you. We have created an easy for you to activate the Windows 10 Product key. Moreover, you can Download KMSpico directly from the below link.

Download the KMSpico Free Click Here

You can download KMSpico directly using the Above link.

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How to Install KMSpico

Once you downloaded the KMSpico as we mentioned the above method, you can now install the KMspico using the below method. Follow the few steps carefully:

  1. Double click on the setup that you recently downloaded.
  2. Click on Yes(If ask).
  3. Check on the Accept then Click on Next.
  4. Choose the path where you want to Install this Software.
  5. Wait for few seconds until install.

After the Installation.

How to Use KMSpico for Activating Windows 10

Once the setup successfully downloaded and installed. It’s time to follow the below steps:

  • Go to Start Menu.
  • Type KMSpico.
  • Open the KMSpico Desktop App.
  • There are four options in the Menu Bar as you can see below.
  1. Main
  2. Token
  3. Adv
  4. Log

In the Main, when you click on a button, it will say program complete, and an application will close. Next time, When you open the Application from the Start Menu.

Click on the Token, in the token you can see the Product key Windows 10 according to your system requirement. There is two button icon. One is for the refresh that will generate the new Token means new Product key for Windows  10 or any other version of Windows.

On the other hand, if you click on another icon, it will backup the token or product key for your Windows 10.

In the Adv, you can just see the Host address of your PC.

Final Words for Activating Windows 10 Using Microsoft Toolkit

Our primary is to provide the maximum knowledge for how to download and Install KMSpico. We have given the link to download KMSpico for you. It made an easy way for you to activate the product using the free tool.

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