How to Download And Install Microsoft Toolkit 2019

Microsoft Toolkit is a fantastic software that is very useful for activating the Microsoft Products. There are many advantages of using Microsoft Toolkit. In this article, I will help you to download and Install Microsoft Toolkit for Windows 10,7, or 8. We have also created a Video for you that How to Install Microsoft Toolkit Windows 10(download Microsoft Toolkit). Moreover, you can also activate Microsoft Office Windows 10.

Note: How to Activate Windows 10 Using Windows 10 Product Key

As you can see in the below Image that there are many Windows 10 Versions available in Microsoft toolkit. So, you can activate any version of Windows 10 using Microsoft toolkit.

What are the Advantages of Microsoft Toolkit

As we many Windows users don’t know the proper use and advantages of using Microsoft Toolkit. Let discuss the benefits of Using Microsoft Toolkit as mention below:

  1. You can Activate Windows Office Tools or Products.
  2. Also, you can activate Microsoft Windows of any versions using Microsoft toolkit.
  3. There are many versions of Windows 10; you can activate any version of Windows 10.
  4. So, you don’t need to buy Windows 10 Product key.
  5. You just need to disable Antivirus software while installing the Microsoft Toolkit.
  6. Helps you to activate office 2010 toolkit.
  7. Office 2010 is the new feature in Windows Toolkit in the latest version.

How to Download And Install Microsoft Toolkit 2018 download Microsoft Toolkit

How to Download Microsoft Toolkit Windows 10

Various ways to get Free Windows 10 Product key, as earlier we mentioned. Furthermore, you can download the Microsoft Toolkit from their official site, but we made a natural way. We have uploaded a file for you, from where you can easily download this in one click. Click here to get the latest version of Microsoft Toolkit for Windows 10.

Download the Microsoft Toolkit Click here

Click on the Above link to start downloading the Microsoft Toolkit. Once the Downloaded Successfully completed, Its time to Install the Toolkit. Moreover, if someone finds any problem, then installation will help in many cases.

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How to Install Microsoft Toolkit Windows

  1. First Disable or deactivate Antivirus software for Windows.
  2. Right-click on the Setup that you downloaded from the above link.
  3. Click on Open.
  4. Click on Yes(If ask).
  5. You can see the Interface of the Microsoft Toolkit now.

Windows 10 Safe Mode

How to Start Microsoft Toolkit

Go the Start Menu>Type Microsoft Toolkit. Open the Application.

There are two logos you can see as you can see in the image(Start of an article). One is for Microsoft Office, and other is for Windows. Moreover, you can activate the product according to your choice(download Microsoft Toolkit). Let suppose; you want to enable Windows 10 using the free tool.

  • Click on Windows logo as you can see when you open the Toolkit.
  • There are four Options in a Menu bar.
  1. Main.
  2. Activation.
  3. Products key.
  4. License Backup.

Click the Products key. Choose the product that which product you are using currently. If you have Windows 10, choose Windows 10. Now, From the list choose the Edition. Suppose you have Professional Windows 10 pick the edition “Professional.” Click on a check that either the system has the Product key or not. In 99 percent cases, you will get the Product key Windows 10 according to your version.

Final Words for Activating Windows 10 Using Microsoft Toolkit

Our primary is to provide the maximum knowledge for how to download and Install Microsoft Toolkit. We have given the link to download Microsoft Toolkit for you. It made the easy way for you. Moreover, if you find any difficulty in download Microsoft Toolkit. Let us know in the Comments.