How to Improve or Speed Up Web Browsers Performance

How to Improve or Speed Up Web Browsers Performance

There are many functionalities of Web Browsers, not only using the Internet. We can use Web Browsers for opening PDF files etc. On the other hand, Windows users are always want to load the web page in milliseconds. So, today we are going to show you the few tips and tricks for Browsers to Improve or Speed Up Web Browsers Performance.

Loading web page in more time is a serious problem and it may slow down your Windows. And as a result, you have to suffer from many problems. There are many Web Browsers that you need to speed up if it becomes slow For example Google Chrome many times slow down due to a lot of extensions.

On the other hand, Mozilla Firefox is also slow down and we need to Improve or Speed Up Web Browsers Performance. Microsoft Edge Browser is more advanced Browser according to Microsoft. Furthermore, Microsoft claims that Microsoft Edge Browser Speed is better than other Browsers.

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Before move on Let’s Start a little discussion on Why Web Browsers Works Slowly?

Reasons to Know Why Is My Browser Running Slowly?

There are many reasons about the slow down of your Browsers and you are having trouble to find out the solution to Speed Up Web Browsers Performance. Here are the reasons:

  • A lot of Extensions are Installed on your Browser.
  • The toolbar is slowing down the Browser.
  • The previous Cache is not properly removed.
  • Too many Plugins are installed.

These are just limited reasons that, your Browser is running slow.

Method-1 to Speed Up Web Browsers Performance in Mozilla FireFox

1- Uninstall the Unnecessary Extensions: Too many extensions can slow down your Windows. When you run your Browsers, all the extensions start running in the Brower Background. Therefore, many unused extension can cause bugs and crashes.

We are not against the extensions, no doubt, extensions play an important role in Browers. It eases the users to open any thing in a short time without wasting time.

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  • Open the Firefox Browser > Open Menu(On the top).
  • Click on Add-ons > Open Extensions.
  • Check the unnecessary extensions >  Click on Remove.
  • Restart your Browser.

How to Improve or Speed Up Web Browsers Performance


2- Clear Cookies And Cache to speed up Browser:

When you start using the Internet or doing something on The Web, Some of your files stores as a Cache. Therefore, We recommend to clear or remove cache every time before closing the Browser. It does not matter which browser are you using. It can be Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Opera, you need to clear Cache and Cookies.

  • Open the Google Chrome > Click on Top(Customize and Control Google Chrome).
  • Select Settings.
  • Scroll Down and Select “Advanced”.
  • Click on Clear Browsing Data.
  • Select the Cached images files And Cookies and other site data.
  • Click on Clear Browsing Data.

How to Improve or Speed Up Web Browsers Performance


Note: Next time, when you open any sites, it will take a second but it will definitely Speed Up Web Browsers Performance.

Method-2 to Increase your browser page transfer speed

1-Update your Web Browser:

We have discussed the Clean or remove the cache and cookies. Let’s talk about how to update Web Browser in 2 minutes.

  • Open your Browser (I have Firefox).
  • Click on Options > Select Advanced.
  • Open Updates(From the top bar).
  • Click on Automatic Install Updates.

How to Improve or Speed Up Web Browsers Performance

Note: Next time, when any update comes, it will automatically install. We recommend installing the update because updates come with new features. For example, whenever Windows 10 updates come, it will improve Windows performance.

2- Install Antivirus Software that Secure web pages:

Yes, Antivirus software not only helps you to secure your important files and folders but also important to secure your web pages. It increases the web page speed also. Moreover, there are many unsafe sites on the Internet, so they can cause a problem of slowing down your Browser speed. We recommend to Install any Antivirus Software from the below Article.

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At last, What is the Conclusion?

Web browsers slow down is a common problem in Windows. There are also other solutions to this problem but this one is the simple ways to follow. Moreover, we assure you that if you follow the above article to Improve or Speed Up Web Browsers Performance, it will definitely work. Furthermore, It may also increase the web browser page Speed.

Do you like this article about Improve or Speed Up Web Browsers Performance? What do you think and which way are you using to increase the speed of your Browser? If you have any problem, you can ask me in the Comments. We are appreciated your feedback.