Should I Use Microsoft Edge browser? (Advantages, Disadvantages of Edge)

Use Microsoft Edge Browser is safer than chrome techrapidly

Should I Use Microsoft Edge browser?: We all know that Microsoft Edge is not a new Browser in Windows 10. It is a replacement for Internet Explorer in Windows 10. Microsoft Edge is 100 times better than Internet Explorer. Now Question in the mind of every reader, Is Microsoft Edge Browser better than Chrome or Mozilla Browser? Why should I prefer to Use Microsoft Edge Browser? What are the Features in Microsoft Edge Browser?

Microsoft Edge Browser is safer than Chrome and Mozilla Browser

Microsoft in 2017 is claiming that Microsoft Edge Browser is safer than Chrome and Mozilla Browser. After many analysis report of NSS LABS. According to this report, SmartScreen is no doubt an amazing feature of Windows 10, blocked 99% of the SEM samples. On the other hand, Chrome did block 85%, and Firefox blocked 78%.

How SmartScreen Helps in Removing spam sites in Microsoft Edge Browser?

SmartScreen was introduced in Internet Explorer 7, It was used to detect the malware and phishing sites in Browser. Moreover, it also helps in decision making while downloading any stuff from Internet from Microsoft Edge Browser.  For example, whenever you download any software from Internet, sometimes it contains harmful and malware sites. SmartScreen helps in making a decision either you still want to download or install in your PC or not. Visit to know more about SmartScreen.

When you visit any site in your Microsoft Edge Browser, SmartScreen checks if it contains phishing data or not. It warns the users to be alert.

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Edge Browser?

Microsoft Edge Browser Advantages: There is no doubt a lot of advantages of Microsoft Edge Browser. Let’s discuss the main uses, advantages, principle of using this Browser:

All Microsoft Edge Browser Advantages

Microsoft Edge Browser disadvantages: On the other hand, if one thing has a lot of pros then obviously there must be some Cons. If we talk about disadvantages of Microsoft Edge Browser, it must say that according to review and ratings Microsoft Edge Browser is running down in Windows 10. Here are the few Disadvantages:

  • There are less extensions means lack of extension in this Browser.
  • Multiple issues on Bookmarking and syncing.
  • You can not utilize Standard game on web.
  • There is a lack of feature History Search in Microsoft Edge Browser.

Should I Use Microsoft Edge Browser or not?

On one side, yes you should use as it is claimed from the Official Microsoft. Microsoft gives Guartanee of using Microsoft Edge Browser. Advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Edge Browser are in front of you, it depends on you how much you want to utilize all the features.

What’s Good News? The good news about Microsoft Edge Browser, it consumes less battery using Windows 10. Somehow, if you say, why Battery life of laptop concern with Edge Browser? We just will say that, it is battery saver Browser, it doesn’t consumes more power and does not run in background. Moreover, for the processes which are not running in the Background consumes less Battery.

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The main issues in Microsoft Edge Browser is may be of using Extensions. It does not support all the extensions of different platforms. For example, programmers or developer think in their mind while using extensions. They create extensions for browsers which use a lot of users.

What are the features of Microsoft Edge Browser?

Microsoft Edge Browser has a lot features, for example, Privacy Protection, Bottom Lines, sandboxing and automatic updates. Let’s discuss each feature one by one:

1: How Microsoft Edge Browser Protect our Privacy?

In 2015 Firefox introduced a key feature element “Tracking Protection”. It helps the users in protection of sites. When any user visits the specific site, tracking protection later remove all the malware of that sites and provide reliable platform to users.

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On the other hand, Tor Browser works with the principles of firefox. Almost, similar source code is used in both of the Browser. It’s additionally important that not at all like Google and Microsoft Edge Browser, Firefox does not profit from following clients or offering focused on promotions.

Use Microsoft Edge Browser is safer than chrome techrapidly

2: What is SandBoxing in Microsoft Edge Browser?

Sandboxing is basically a technique that helps for our Security. In Microsoft Edge Browser, Sandboxing saves us from malware and malfunctioning programs or softwares from damaging or finding on all of your PC. Here you can learn more about SandBoxing that how is it important for Security in Browsers.

Here in this video, you can learn more about sandboxing in Google Chrome Browser.

 3: What are Bottom Lines in Microsoft Edge Browser?

As Microsoft claims that Microsoft Edge Browser is “safer” than Chrome and Mozilla Browser. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have very similar security features. Chrome does not have better list of websites as compared to Microsoft Edge Browser, despite the fact that in case you’re securing yourself well with antivirus and hostile to malware programming, you ought to be truly sheltered.

4: Automatic Updates In Microsoft Edge Browser

The main reason why people use Microsoft Edge Browser is may be Automatic updates. Automatic updates in Browser means all the components in Browser updates. Also, your Browser update to new Version. Chrome has more feature of automatic updates than mozilla and Microsft edge. As chrome runs in the Background, it start automatic updation. Windows updates generally come at a slower rate than Firefox’s browser or Chrome.

Microsoft Edge Private mode is Safer and faster than Chrome?

Microsoft Edge Private mode is somehow similar to the Chrome and Mozilla. Moreover, your History, cookies and data don’t save in Private mode of Microsoft Edge Browser. Also, When the privacy window is closed, all cookies, history, and cached data is also removed. Somehow it is a better feature. And nothing past history left in your PC.


Use Microsoft Edge Browser is safer than chrome techrapidly

At last, What’s Conclusion about Microsoft Edge Browser?

We have listed the Proper advantages, disadvantages, use and all the criteria of Microsoft Edge Browser that either it is safer than Chrome or Mozilla or not. We reach on the Conclusion that if you want to use Microsoft Edge Browser limited features for example, Limited extensions that go for Edge.

How is your experience with Microsoft Edge Browser? What features are you missing in Microsoft Edge Browser than Chrome or Mozilla? What do you think about its future? Let us know in the Comment. Your Comments are highly appreciated.