What is wmpnscfg.exe Why wmpnscfg.exe Running on My Windows

What is wmpnscfg.exe Why wmpnscfg.exe Running on My Windows

What is wmpnscfg.exe (Media Sharing for Windows Media Player)

wmpnscfg.exe is not necessary to Let suppose you are going through the Task Manager in Windows 10, where you can see the process named wmpnscfg.exe. Don’t worry, if you are looking this first time and don’t know What is wmpnscfg.exe. Here we are to tell you about the wmpnetwk.exe and Why wmpnetwk.exe Running on My Windows.

On the other hand, we have also seen that What is wmpnetwk.exe Why wmpnetwk.exe Running on My Windows. We are writing a series on task manager process which can help out us and find the important points to know about processes in the background. What are processes? Why process running on my Windows? There are many articles related to processes running in the background just go through with them. Therefore, we will sure that you will get more into information about Processes.

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What is wmpnscfg.exe.exe?

wmpnscfg.exe.exe is a process running in the Task Manager in your PC. During the introduction of Windows Media player, Microsoft has launched also the network media sharing. The process then combined with the features of Windows media center. Xbox is a Windows 10 feature and you can combine it with 360 and share the videos and music. Therefore, at that time we won’t find any network to share any media, for example, videos or music.

wmpnscfg.exe will neither affect your Windows nor PC it is just a process thar runs when you start your PC.

How to Permanent Disable or Delete wmpnscfg.exe?

If you don’t like this process then, of course, you can disable or delete wmpnscfg.exe. Before disabling remember that, you must know that if you are Windows Media player user and use their libraries to play the Music. Then, you don’t need to disable or delete wmpnetwk.exe. On the other hand, if you are using any other media players then you can disable it simply. Here are the few steps that you need to clearly understand.

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Step#1 Open the services.msc

The easy and best way to delete or disable wmpnscfg.exe permanently then you have to use services.msc. This process is simple and easy:

  • Go to Cortana Assistant or Start Menu.
  • Type Services.msc.
  • Open the Services.

What is wmpnetwk.exe Why wmpnetwk.exe Running on My Windows

Disable the wmpnscfg.exe in Single Click

Click on the drop-down menu of startup type. Select the disable and Click on OK to save changes.

Is wmpnetwk.exe Safe?

of course, it is safe and a Windows Media Players classic process that runs when you open the Windows media player in your Windows 10, Windows 7 or Windows 8. When you play some Video on Windows media players then which means that you are using the Windows Media players libraries. Therefore, there is nothing dangerous about the wmpnscfg.exe process. wmpnscfg.exe is a safe process and not a Virus.

Is it Virus? Should Windows 10 users worry about wmpnscfg.exe?

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No, it is not a Virus and Windows 10 Users don’t need to worry about it.

wmpnscfg.exe is an essential procedure which is a piece of windows media player. This is a genuine procedure of a window is situated in C:\Windows\system32 on your framework in C Drive. There is just a solitary procedure named wmpnscfg.exe Windows media player. No compelling reason to stress on the off chance that you find comparable procedures like this. You can cross watch that if this is the genuine procedure which isn’t hurtful to you. Right-tap on the procedure and open record area so you can check its area.

What Will Happen If wmpnscfg.exe Ws (wmpnscfg.exe) don’t run during StartUp?

If this process doesn’t run in the startup then you don’t need to worry about. The reason is, your Windows media player classic doesn’t just start up and provide you the way to start your Windows media player classic or something. Then, this will start and wmpnscfg.exe also starts. Now it will clear that What is wmpnscfg.exe.

Is wmpnscfg.exe Virus?

No of course not. Many of us have confused him with the virus. Some rumors have been spread by people but believe me, it’s not a virus. an On a Serious note, if someone tells you to delete C:\Windows\system32 wmpnscfg.exe file from this location don’t ever delete. This will cause problems for your data and windows. Every System has and that’s totally normal.

What Have we concluded about What is wmpnscfg.exe?

We reached on the conclusion that wmpnscfg.exe is not a virus and definitely will not affect your system. It is a part of Windows media players because you are using wmpnscfg.exe libraries. If you still have any confusion, you can ask us in the Comment.

Let us know about this process either you are deleting it or remain as it is.