Everything You Need To Know To Start Playing Apex Legends

I used to occasionally play Fortnite up until a friend introduced me to Apex Legends. It’s safe to say that this squad-based shooter video game has taken the PC and console world by storm. Since hitting the scene back in 2019, Apex Legends has become a big success story and there are no signs of it slowing down in the future. 

For the curious lot about what the team at Battlelog.co has done to keep up with the latest Apex Legend seasons, we understand your desire. You need no reminder on how difficult it remains to excel in this game. However, Apex Legends hacks will not only ensure you succeed but do so undetected.  

In Apex Legends, each legend has three peculiar abilities: tactical, passive, and ultimate. Though this may mean little right now, be keen to familiarize yourself with each legend’s traits. With that in mind, read on to find out everything you need to know to start playing Apex legends.  

Everything You Need To Know To Start Playing Apex Legends     

  1. Practice

When I was a Fortnite die-hard, my biggest grievance was its lack of practice or tutorial mode. You just needed to drop in, cut down trees, and hope that all goes well. Luckily, Apex Legends has a training mode which is very important for beginners. 

The training can be completed in less than 5 minutes. Embracing it will reduce the risk of accidents especially when trying to melee. You also get a feel of each weapon in the game. For instance, all the 20 unique guns are available right there for shooting in training mode. Have a basic understanding of each.

  1. Communication Is Everything

Don’t start playing Apex Legends if you’re not ready to work together with your squad. You won’t get far. Once you become an expert you can get away with some lone-wolf tactics and manage to kill four enemies at once. Unfortunately, by you reading this, it seems you’re nowhere near that level.

If you’re the type that doesn’t like headsets, Apex Legends has an effective ping system. Simply put, you don’t need to talk with your teammates when communicating with them. The game allows you to point at a site on the map through the ping button to suggest your squad’s next action. The ping button can also be used to communicate about your location or point out to where-about of an item being searched by your teammates. 

In a nutshell, there’s a lot you can do with the ping system. Simply hold the ping button and a menu wheel will pop up from where you can decide your next course of action.

  1. Your Gun Is Only As Good As Its Attachments

There will be six types of attachments for your guns. These are the barrel stabilizers, stocks, extended magazines, shotgun bolts, optic sights, and hop-ups. Each of these attachments uniquely supplements your gun.

Every gun is compatible with a specific type of attachment and every hop-up attachment applies to 1-2 guns. You can know what fits on your gun by checking the slots on the bottom left corner of the weapon bars. With a few exceptions, guns will come with no attachments and you’ll need to find them. As you do so, consider the ability of the attachment since your gun will be only as good as its attachment.

  1. Get Familiar With The Colors

In Apex Legends, white and gray items are the commonest. Blue items are rare while purple and gold items are legendary. Memorize that hierarchy and always look for epic and legendary items. The availability of the various items will depend on the circumstance. For instance, you’re more likely to find high-end loot if you’re within the blue circle. However, there will be a risk/reward proposition, be mindful.   

  1. Choose A Legend That Fits Your Style

As said earlier, the beauty of Apex Legends is that each has unique abilities and character. Sadly, a character can be used only once within every squad and the order of selection is random for every match. I learned this the hard way and I recommend Bangalore or Lifeline for a beginner.

  1. Always Be On The Move

Slide left, right, everywhere with speed and purpose. This is a great thing to do in virtually all Battle Royale games and luckily Apex Legends has a sliding function that makes you move faster especially downhill. Sliding makes it harder for your enemies to shoot.

Final Thoughts      

Looting and shooting are still the core biz of the Apex Legends game and it’s easy to know why. Its speed and intensity are also second to none. However, you needed more than that to join the Legend’s winner’s circle. As a beginner, millions have been playing this game since its inception. I hope this post has highlighted an aspect that you direly needed to know to start playing Apex Legends. All the best!